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Our RanzBude Servers are modded to increase the playing experience;the vanilla game has a reputation for flaws and a dull gameplay. We added many types of guns, clothes, items and quality of life features like a Trader system, detailed map, in game chat, group system and ingame events like Airdrops and the Toxic Zone. Read more about our unique configuration under Modlist.

You can choose from a variety of our different servers with different configurations and mods.
RanzBude#1 offers the classic high energy DayZ experience in first and third person.
RanzBude#2 is configured the same but in first person only, to intensify the players feeling into the game.
[RanzBude#3 has raiding of bases enabled and is a more PvP focused Server.
RanzBude#4 on the other hand gives you a hardcore survival feeling without features like a map or group system, but still the benefit of a modded and enhanced DayZ experience.]

Search for „ranz“ in your favorite launcher or simply press on the server you want to connect with down below

Autorun: +
Earplugs: N
Gruppen / Squad : P
Server information / Players : Pause Untbr
toggle server marker: k
flip Vehicle: with wrench

!help in chat for server commands

Just open a ticket on our DISCORD and our trained and experienced support team will help you out 24/7

No C4 / Raidtools

you can just „raid“ or get into a base through mistakes the builer made while building

For detailed Information what you are allowed to do, please read the Rules.



•Buy a greenhouse (BlackMarket) and place it.
•Put garden lime in all of the slots you want to use (fertilized plots have double yield, a total of 4 buds per plant).
•Plant seeds in all of the slots u fertilized.
•Water all planted slots (any Water container, i.e Canteen or Jerrycan).
•Wait (depending on the seed type you used, see below).
•Harvest when the plants are fully grown (indicated by the Harvest option).
While harvesting, stand in the middle of the greenhouse! Otherwise buds might be impossible to pick up.

Seed Types and Time to Grow

Every seed type has 7 grow phases:
[seed -> small -> medium -> big -> ready -> withered -> dissapeared/spoiled]

•Skunk – 3 hours grow time ~ 45 minutes per phase
•Blue God – 6 hours grow time ~ 90 minutes per phase
•Purple Kush – 6 hours grow time ~ 90 minutes per phase
•Stardawg – 12 hours grow time ~ 180 minutes per phase

A server crash or restart resets the actual grow phase and requires a new calculation of the grow time.
The phases can vary slightly! Especially in case of server crash or restart it is better to check a little earlier!

Results and packing

•A withered plant will only yield half the amount of buds (2 when fertilized, only 1 when not fertilized).
•After the plant is withered it will disappear and leave the plot bugged out.
•If a plot is bugged you have to dismantle the greenhouse with a screwdriver and place it again to fix it

CannabisBud + CannabisBud = CannabisBaggy
16xCannabisBag + Duct Tape = CannabisBrick
RollingPapers + CannabisBud = Joint
RollingPapers + TobaccoLeaf = Cigarette
Joint + EmptyCigPack = Pack of Joints
Cigarette + EmptyCigPack = Pack of Cigarettes

Log Wall Reinforcements = 2 logs and 20 nails.
Metal Wall Reinforcements = 6 sheet metal and 40 nails.
Attachments = Camonet / Barbed wire.
Log Wall Reinforcements = 1 log and 10 nails.
Metal Wall Reinforcements = 3 sheet metal and 20 nails.
Attachments = Barbed wire.
Shutter = 6 planks and 10 nails.
Log Wall Reinforcements = 2 logs and 20 nails.
Metal Wall Reinforcements = 4 sheet metal and 30 nails.
Attachments = Camonet / Barbed wire.
Metal Shutter Reinforcements = 2 sheet metal and 20 nails.
Window Bars = 2 sheet metal and 20 nails.
Door = 6 planks and 10 nails.
Log Wall Reinforcements = 2 logs and 20 nails.
Metal Wall Reinforcements = 4 sheet metal and 30 nails.
Attachments = Camonet.
Log Door Reinforcements = 1 log and 20 nails.
Metal Door Reinforcements = 2 sheet metal and 20 nails.
No reinforcements.
Attachments = Camonet.
Metal Roof Reinforcements = 6 sheet metal and 40 nails.
Attachments = Camonet / Barbed wire(x2).

You get all the resources back if you dismantle the item.

Server Settings

Weather: Always sunny / 45 mins night

Raid: No C4/ Raidtools – just through mistakes the builder made while building

Loot: x5 Loot / custom loot tier map (better loot – especially more north)

Trader: Devils Castle / Green Mountain (safezone) – Drug dealer / Blackmarket / Hunting Trader (No Safezone)

Custom Military: Balota / Thiki / Krasostav / Tisy / NWA / Skalisty Island

Toxic Crate: Max. 3 – custom spawn points inside toxic zone

Vehicle Setting: They spawn rarely / Selfmade vehicle physics + DBO Surfaces = best vehicle Feeling

Airdrops: every 45 minutes / 20 players need to be online

Crashsites: Heli crash sites x4 – C130 Plance crashsites – Drug dealer car wrecks

Server specs: Amd Ryzen 3800x 4.3Ghz – 64GB Ram – 2TB NvME – 1GBitS Connection (Up and Download) – DDOS Protection



Gun related mods
•CPBWeapons •Arma 2 remastered weapon pack •MuchStuffPack •Cheytac M200 from Arma 2 Port •Mosin scope •Durable Suppressors

Clothing mods
•Clouds military gear •MVS – multiple vest system •MuchStuffPack •MassManyItemOverhaul •Munghards Itempack

Building related mods
•Simple Base •MuchStuffPack •Code Lock •Vanilla Basebuilding •Munghards Itempack

Travel related mods
•No vehicle damage •No Stamina •Auto run •Vanilla Cars •BMW •Land Rover •Typhoon •MuchCarKey

•Trader •Spawn selection •Party System •Airdrop •Toxic Zone •Weed (Cannabis +) •Banking •Compass •GoreZ •Ear Plugs •Server Panel


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